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  • Where are you located?
    BHT Music Studo is located in Old Lynhurst in St Thomas, ON.
  • How much do lessons cost?
    $30 for single 30-minute lessons; $60 for single 60-minute lessons (flute only) Multi-buy lesson package (save $60): 12 continuous weeks of 30-minute lessons for $300 ***There is an additional cost for lesson books for Piano, Saxophone, and Clarinet. This cost averages about $20/year.
  • What age can my child start learning an instrument?
    BHT Music Studio has an exciting flute lesson program for ages 4 and up. Young children are strongly advised to begin on the Nuvo TooT or fife (a small plastic flute) before moving on to the demands of the flute. The TooT is the perfect size for children and is an inexpensive way to introduce your child to the flute as they are avalable for rent through BHT Music Studio. TooT players will work through the Beginner Graded Lesson Program until they are ready to move on to the flute. While smaller instruments are available for clarinet and saxophone players (like the Nuvo Clarineo and jSax), unfortunately they are only available for purchase and not rent. If unable to purchase a Nuvo instrument, clarinet and saxohpone students are recommended to start at age 8 and up when they can play the fullsized instrument. That being said, a year or two of paino lessons in the meantime is always a great idea! Piano is a great instrument for any age! Starting at age 4, young piano players will play on the fullsized piano but will begin with the My First Piano Adventures lesson book which better accomodates for young learning minds.
  • What should I bring to my first lesson?
    For your first lesson you should bring a pencil, water, any music that you might have, and your excited, wonderful self ready to learn. For a flute, clarinet, or saxophone lesson you will also need your instrument (if you have one).
  • I'm an adult learner and have never played an instrument. Is it too late for me to learn?
    It's never too late to learn an instrument! Whether you're a complete beginner or have played before, BHT Music Studio can help you learn to play your dream instrument. I have taught complete beginners aged 65 and returners who haven't played for 20 years. I would love to help you as well.
  • Will I just play classical music?
    Only if you want to! BHT Music Studio and the Instrument Teaching Programs use a mix of classical, jazz, folk, and pop music. If there is a particular type of music that you would like to play just let me know and we'll play it!
  • Will I have to buy a lot of books/sheet music?
    BHT Music Studio has an extensive library of flute sheet music that is available for students to use. Students are welcome to bring their own music to use in flute lessons, but it is not required. Piano, saxophone, and clarinet students are required to purchase the book which accompanies the grade they are working on. Books are available for purchase at a discounted rate.
  • Will I have performance opportunities?
    Yes! BHT Flute Studio will host a yearly in-house recital for students to showcase what they have learned. Other performance opportunities, like participating in the London Kiwanis Music Festival and St. Thomas Rotary Music Festival, will be encouraged throughout the year.
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