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All of our music lesson programs are progressive, rewarding lesson programs designed by Becky Thynne. Having spent time teaching the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) grades in the UK and Royal College of Music (RCM) grades in Canada, Becky discovered that both programs have extensive benefits but also room for improvement. These lesson programs provide the best of both schools, as well as some of Becky's own tried and tested methods. Lessons are for all students whether they are taking lessons to achieve their RCM grades or just for fun. They allow students to set goals for their learning and have fun achieving them. In their first lesson, students will be assessed to determine their starting grade within each program and will work toward completing that grade at their own pace. Upon completion of each grade, students are awarded an achievement ribbon. 



Fantastic Flutists features a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level. The Beginner levels cover grades A-F (for flute!) and are great for students of any age who are just starting out on the flute. The Intermediate levels cover grades 1-4 and Advanced levels grades 5-8. In these levels, students will learn scales and arpeggios, orchestral excerpts, and repertoire from a variety of music genres. All music for flute lessons is provided but students are more than welcome to bring their own music to lean as well. 



Creative Clarinetists features a Beginner and Intermediate level.  Beginner level students will use the Galper "Clarinet Method Book 1' along with extra repertoire to create a great foundation for clarinet playing. Intermediate level students will move on to the Galper 'Clarinet Method Book 2' and explore more advanced repertoire. Each book is divided into four separate levels and completion of each level is awarded with a ribbon. 



The Savvy Saxophonists program​ features a Beginner and Intermediate level. Beginner level students will use 'A New Tune A Day for Saxophone, Book 1' to explore the range of the saxophone and develop basic technique. Intermediate level students will use 'A New Tune a Day for Saxophone, Book 2' to expand their range of scales and arpeggios, and build their repertoire. Each book is divided into four separate levels and completion of each level is awarded with a ribbon. 



This program centers around the tested and proven 'Piano Adventures' book series by Nancy and Randall Faber. The Beginner level program includes Grades Primer, 1, 2A and 2B. These levels are perfect for young children and beginners. These levels begin without the need to read any music and slowly incorporate the Grand Staff. The Intermediate levels include Grades 3A, 3B, 4, and 5. These levels are an excellent starting point for students who have some piano experience or are returning to the piano. These levels also compliment the RCM examination grade levels 1-3 but include more music variety and choice for the student. Students will also learn scales and arpeggios, and repertoire from a variety of music genres. 


Piano lessons are also GREAT for younger children aged 4-6 who will use the 'My First Piano Adventures' series before moving on to Level 1. 

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