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Private Lessons


4:30 pm

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Private music lessons are available for students of all ages and abilities in my beautiful home studio! Lessons are offered to prepare for Royal College of Music (RCM) exams or just for fun, and are based around our special Instrument Teaching Programs.


Students will also have the opportunity to participate in our very exciting Scale Challenge and Practice Challenge to win special prizes! 


Can't make it to the studio? Don't know what age your child can begin learning an instrument? Visit our FAQ page for answers to these questions and more, or feel free to Contact Me!



10:00 am

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Flute, clarinet, and saxophone workshops are currently offered to local schools, ensembles, and clubs. Workshops are available for all ages and abilities, from complete beginner through to advanced students. All workshops include a fun introduction to the instrument, ensemble music for all abilities and musical games. Please Contact Me for pricing and to plan your workshop!


Workshops can be customized for your needs. Popular themes/topics include:

-band music sectional help


-learning by ear

-practicing vs. playing your music

-extended technique and alternate fingerings



11:30 am

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Wedding music is offered during the ceremony and/or reception. We have a variety of wedding-appropriate repertoire available to perform but are more than happy to take special requests.


Music can be performed on solo flute, flute and violin duet, or flute and cello duet.


Bookings must be made at least two months in advance of your wedding date. Please Contact Me for pricing and to start planning the music for your special day! 

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